Monday, 23 November 2009

The referendum question

Ahead of First Minister Rhodri Morgan’s pronouncement on the findings of the All Wales Convention and to help with the lengthy debate that Assembly Members will no doubt feel the need to have about the wording of the question for the ballot, here is Newid’s initial suggestion:

Choose from either A) or B) below. Tick only one box.


Would you like to continue being told what to do by politicians who have little understanding of, or sympathy for, your situation; who have stolen your taxes, lied to you and patronised you; who will do whatever is necessary to get themselves re-elected; who will vote to further their interests and their parties’ interests ahead of yours; who are funded by businessmen and other vested interests for commercial and political advantage; who are good at argument and presenting themselves but have no actual experience of running anything? (If so, put an ‘X’ in this box).

Small print: your ‘X’ in this box will be taken to mean anything politicians want it to mean including the right to appropriate more powers whenever it suits them or to ignore anything they might have promised before you ticked the box.


Would you like to have the opportunity to be selected at random to sit as a member of the National Assembly for a few months, guided in making important decisions by advocates and civil servants; having public services run for you by a team of management specialists that you hire, manage and, if necessary, fire before returning to your job a better informed and more confident person? (If so, put an ‘X’ in this box).

Small print: Take as much time as you need.

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